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AP&P use state-of-the-art method and technology to provide abrasive -blasting solutions to our industrial clients. From heavy grit and high-pressure for the tough jobs to ultra -fine for the most delicate surface, AB&P has the right tools for your project. Our trained and certified applicators have successfully completed many major projects throughout the state.

We are currently use four standard types of media for blasting

  • Steel grit, a cost-effective general-purpose media. Typically used for, steel fabrication, gates railings, casting and cast-iron outdoor furniture.
  • Garnet is available in various grades and is used on steel or at a low pressure for more delicate items or jobs which require a smoother finish. These include car panels, truck chassis, sheet metal, glass, aluminum and concrete etching as well as general blasting work.
  • Soda blasting is available on request for car panels, glass, plastic and surface cleaning without creating a profile.
  • Water blasting is an effective method to clean or prepare surfaces in conjunction with abrasive blasting or before the application of protective coating. Pressure varies from 1000psi to 10,000 psi.